This is a story we hear often.

Someone has had enough of where they’re at in life. They can’t, no they WON’T, take another, hour, minute, not even a second more. They want to change how they feel now and they turn to their healthcare provider and ask “What can I do to feel better?” 


The healthcare providers answer with a list of things that will help you feel better, but they’re more suited for helping mask the symptoms not cure it for good. The nurse or doctor can’t walk with you each day, they have more people to help out. Where can you turn for guidance and assistance in this new journey to an improved you?


That’s where we come in!


Our goal is to fill in the gaps left by healthcare providers. They do a miraculous job, but they can’t do everything, we have to step up and help ourselves as well! 


The Wellness Center works to help provide you with the answers and support on your journey to mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual health. 


We never hold you to a perfect standard, we aren’t perfect ourselves. We are here to give you a friend to walk with you on your journey. We might have started before you, but that just means we know where to go and can help lead you to that feeling of peace. 


Right now, you can call, email, text, or message us and we will find a way to support you on whatever journey you are on.

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